Professional Eye Examinations

There are several steps involved in a complete eye exam that will evaluate your vision as well as your eye health.

Steps that you can expect in a typical eye exam include:

Case History: The doctor will review your general health, medications you take, working environment, hobbies, etc. You will also be asked the reason for your visit (eg. red eye, blurred vision, headaches).

Current Prescription Check: The doctor will make a note of your old eyeglass prescription if you have one.

Visual Acuity: Checks your level of vision at all distances (e.g., 20/20).

Entrance Tests: Checks eye alignment, muscles, peripheral vision, depth perception as well as colour vision.
Refraction: This test determines your eyeglass prescription. You will be asked to compare the vision through different lenses to help come up with the final prescription.

Tonometry: Measures the pressure in the eye and is an important test in detecting glaucoma.

Internal & External Eye Health: The doctor will examine all areas of the eye to look for possible disorders such as cataracts, glaucoma or retinal problems. You may be asked to have your pupils dilated with drops.